TSA Assesses Agility to Speed Growth

TSA Assesses Agility to Speed Growth

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Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a component of the US Department of Homeland Security, has become a leader in its pursuit of agile in the federal government. Seeking to build upon its prior success with agile but not sure where to go next, the Technology Infrastructure Modernization Program (TIM), which plays a key role in the US security infrastructure, decided to conduct an agile maturity assessment (an example of Measured Growth).

Led by a well-known Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), the FFRDC designed an agile maturity assessment for the TSA TIM program that assessed maturity at three levels of the organization – team, program and enterprise – across fifteen different dimensions.

The results of the maturity assessment were extremely valuable. They showed the organization had made good progress both on teams and in the program with agile, while also identifying some opportunities to improve in both areas.

In addition, the assessment alerted the organization to some unrealized benefits of expanding to the enterprise.


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    Measured Growth

    Quantify and measure agile maturity; track progress and adjust.