Human Centered Service Design Initiative

Human Centered Service Design Initiative

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Enquizit, Inc.

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Enquizit, Inc. a cloud applications development and cloud services provider and Amazon Premier Partner, was asked by a non-profit client to help radically transform the way in which the organization operates. Dubbed a “Human Centered Service Design” initiative, the effort sought to introduce agile practices to the organization at multiple levels in the organization.

In order to increase the likelihood of success, Enquizit called two different transformation plays, including:

  • Fertilization: In addition to training in agile fundamentals, more than eighty members of the client’s staff were trained in Human Centered Design, Design Thinking and Scrum frameworks. Openness to agile and a working understanding of a variety of agile techniques followed.
  • Grafting: The Human Centered Service Design team was grafted onto an existing branch of the organization. This helped to increase understanding of agile by the client’s staff as they worked side by side with experienced agilists.

Efforts for this client are in the early stages. However, the organization has already delivered multiple beta releases of a new service and support for the Human-Centered Service Design Initiative is high.


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