6. How do I use the Playbook?

Using the Agile Transformation Playbook is relatively easy.

But first, you need to form your team. The best teams to lead agile transformations are led by cross-functional teams made up of a combination of the organization’s leadership and staff members from across the organization. This ensures that the transformation has the people in the room needed to make the decisions and overcome the hurdles likely to be encountered.

Next, use agile to become agile. Using Scrum, set up a prioritized backlog that includes transformation activities, with the highest priority improvements at the top of the list. Every Sprint, pull in work from the backlog* to complete during the Sprint. Hold other Scrum events — Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Retrospective — as normal.


Finally, call the plays in the Agile Transformation Playbook when you need them. The most obvious time to call a play is during a Release Planning, PI Planning, or Sprint Planning event. But, you can call a play at ANY time during the transformation – whenever the timing feels right.

Now you’re ready to see the plays!

*Should this be a Product Backlog or separate Transformation Backlog? If you are strictly following Scrum rules , transformation work goes on the Product Backlog alongside other work. Outside of Scrum, we still suggest having a single backlog, but tagging transformation activities so they can be easily identified from other work when needed.